Meet the global e-commerce talent challenge 2020 judges

As we are moving to the final step of the GET challenge 2020, we are also grateful to all our judges who have supported our heroes. Get to know them here.

Daniel – DPhil Research candidate at the University of Oxford. 

He has judged and assisted teams who are working on data analytics and data oriented projects as well as software engineering related projects during the GET Challenge 2020. As a software engineer and machine learning researcher with industrial and academic experience, he is currently undertaking a doctoral research in the Human Centred Computing group and the Oxford Robotics Institute of the University of Oxford.  Daniel is also part of the RoboTIPS project, where he explores new ways of enhancing explanations in AI systems/agents. 

Albin Shema – Software engineer at Irembo in Rwanda

During the GET Challenge 2020, he has assisted  teams and judged projects related to software creation and implementation.

Albin has been doing software engineering since 2015, other than doing it professionally, he has also won several hackathons and competitions.


Nasser Kanesa – Digital solutions and innovations Advisor at GIZ.

Kanesa is a resource development specialist, he collects problems and design and allocate solutions to them through innovation especially for emerging markets, Inclusive and Developing communities.

During the GET Challenge 2020, Nasser judged the usefulness of projects, and assisted  teams in adapting their ideas to the users needs.

David – Dean of Students at Davis College. 

He has a strong foundation in entrepreneurship, product design, project management, market analysis, administration, and leadership. He enjoys seeing disruptive ideas generated, added value and innovation, and implemented to solve different society/ market gaps. With his first-hand experience in running business ventures in the region, a strong grip on project initiation and implementation, a deep cultural diversity, and passion as an educator he is committed to adding his voice to mentor the next generation of change-makers in Africa.   


Simbi Arsene – Founder & CEO of WatchIT Group.

Simbi Arsene is the co-founder and former CTO of STES Group. Under his leadership, STES Group recruited several young engineers and worked on various projects. With the guidance of Arsene and as its technical leader, STES Group built the first solar car in Rwanda. The team also participated in the mission idea for the Rwanda Satellite in Japan. Arsene is the co-founder of the WatchIt Group, an IOT and innovation company. He has been working on the development of IoT devices for the past three years. Arsene has a background in electrical engineering.

Matiwos Khafel is leading technology companies in Rwanda working on IoT, FinTech and innovations.

As a Certified IPC specialist, certified Electrical and electronic Assembly Solderer and Inspector, Khafel worked on several NASA Spacecraft. He is also a member of IMAPS (International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society) and former member of the IEEE.

During the GET Challenge 2020, he judged the feasibility of project that required developing electronic chips, electronic devices and anything internet of things related.

Together with Arsene they have developed an IOT kit called menya IOT which has different sensors to help people in Africa learn IOT easily.

Roger – surgical Data Scientist at IRCAD Africa

As a Carnegie Mellon Alumnus in information technology (MSIT), with core competencies in software development and data science, Roger has enabled many companies and institutions to streamline their processes using web systems, data analytics, and AI. 

During the GET Challenge 2020, he assessed projects related to Data Science and advised teams on the feasibility of the projects.

Research engineer/Team lead at InstaDeep nigeria branch

Azeez is interested in pushing the frontier of knowledge of humans. While his background is in electrical and computer engineering, he is experienced in design engineering programming and business.


Claudine Ingenere – Software engineer at the world bank

Claudine is a software and Cyber security at the World Bank. She is well versed with Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies, Data analytics structures, Startegic use of digital information to enterprise and Vulnerability assessment. She is passionate about mentoring young people and continues to participate in such


Network Engineer at Irembo

Accomplished engineer with expertise in software engineering, networking and cybersecurity. Strong commitment to support teams in conducting successful collaborative projects. Career goal is to secure positions with organizations to work on the development and management of secure software systems and networks. She judged the security of proposed projects.

GET Judge_Linda

Linda Mukangoga Ndungutse – Founder and former CEO of Haute Baso

Linda is the Founder and Former CEO of Haute Baso, she is also currently the Director of Partnerships and Careers at the Davis College in Rwanda. She has vast experience in communications, building strategic relationships, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, fundraising, and supply chain management. She is passionate about seeing young people reach their full potential, especially in fashion or entrepreneurship. Linda also sits on the advisory board of the City of Kigali


Ddumba Yesser Arafat – Faculty

An experienced educator, facilitator, trainer, mentor and coach who is keen at helping learners discover their abilities and self worth, through career and advisory services for the last 15 years.

He is an accounting and finance specialist with entrepreneurial skills that he uses to help improve people’s financial literacy. He is also  experienced in building strong team dynamics.