The Alibaba Global e-commerce talent programme at ALU

The Global E-commerce Talent Programme at ALU is a partnership between ALU and the Alibaba Business School. Alibaba Business School has designed the GET Programme out of Alibaba’s 20-year experience in growing a massive e-Commerce and digital economy ecosystem. The programme aims to share the lessons and the skills that entrepreneurs today can ability to grow e-Commerce and digital businesses in their respective countries.

At ALU, we offer a skills-based curriculum and with a mission to develop 3 million ehtical and entrepreneurial leaders fro Africa and the world, this partnership with Alibaba through the GET Programme further enables us equip young leaders who who solve problems on the continent and create opportunities, jobs and more for others. 

the alibaba global e-commerce talent (get) programme vision

Programme COmponents & Structure

The content is spread across 2 parts and 10 units. Each unit has a group assignment that needs to be completed and each part has a project that participants need to complete to demonstrate they have acquired the necessary skills.

Part One: Digital Economy

Unit 1: Introduction to the Digital Economy

Unit 2: Features of the Digital Economy

Unit 3: Business Paradigm Shift

Unit 4: Transformation of the Traditional Industry

Unit 5: Transformation of the Organization

Part Two: Digital Entrepreneurship

Unit 6: Digital Startup

Unit 7: Marketing on E-commerce Platforms

Unit 8: Customer-centric E-commerce Operations

Unit 9: GET Simulation Platform

Unit 10: Pitching and raising early stage investment for digital businesses

Benefits of the Programme:

1. Certification: Become a certified Alibaba Global E-commerce Talent practitioner

2. Careers: Get an insider look into a digital career and also connect with an Employers Network

3. Content: Seize an opportunity to explore core courses within the Digital Economy and Digital Entrepreneurship

4. Skills: Build or hone in-demand skills required to thrive within a digital environment

5. Network: Join a network of digital entrepreneurs and talent from different countries all over the world.